PopArt PopTarts

A few weeks ago, Snowpocalypse 2k14 hit Atlanta. Along with the snow came gratuitous amounts of free time so what other choice could I make than to laser engrave the Mona Lisa into some S’Mores PopTarts?!

I made use one of the three Trotec Laser Engravers at the Georgia Tech Invention Studio to do the deed. First, I downloaded the high-res image files from Google Images. Then the images were taken into GIMP where they were converted into lots of little black dots so they would play nice with the laser. For a technical description of this process, please reference Aaron Fan’s engraving with .

Finally, I used a test pop-tart (or rather a test-tart) to hone in the proper settings for engraving.

Here are a few of my first results:

S'Mores flavored Mona Lisa

S’Mores flavored Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Back

Mmmmm tastes like .....S'Mores?

Mmmmm tastes like …..S’Mores?

Didn't engrave very well on the icing

Didn’t engrave very well on the icing

Expect more next time I have a bit of spare time. Any requests?


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