I designed a chair…. (I tried to design a chair) *chair in progress

Today I discovered laser cut living hinges. For some reason the first thing I thought upon this discovery was “hmm.. this would make for an awesome chair. this awesome chair shall be called ‘das laser chair’.”

Anyways, if you have never seen or heard of living hinges (specifically the laser cut type) here are some of the links that got me started:


On to das laser chair!

I whipped up this design in SolidWorks. The chair is still in progress; I need to smooth out the lumbar support, add the living hinges, and bolt the bottom legs together to hold everything together.

The living hinges will go where each of the bends are currently located.


As always, make sure to check back soon. I’ll keep you posted with any and all updates. Expect .dxf’s once I have the hinges in so you can make your own!



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