Awesome news!

If you don’t keep up with sci-fi/fantasy/geek-culture/pop-culture conventions you’ve probably never heard of Dragon*Con, in which case you should immediately go to there website and check it out. If you have heard of Dragon*Con, you are probably aware that it is arguably the largest multimedia (movies, comics, games, etc..)/pop-culture convention on the face of our great planet.

It has been a desire of mine to attend the Con for several years now and never really had the chance until……..

Dru Meyers (the awesome guy who runs the science track at the con) invited me to attend and participate in a number of science track activities!

So, needless to say I accepted his invite and will be attending Dragon*Con as a professional next weekend (the convention is from September 2-5).

In addition to participating on several discussion panels (Evil geniuses for a better tomorrow, hacking 101, and 201), I will be presenting a talk titled “Neighborhood Nukes: DIY Nuclear Fusion Reactors” and demoing my reactor on Saturday night!

It is truly going to be an epic weekend! if you are going to the convention make sure to come find me and if you aren’t, you should definitely consider attending.

In the meantime I will be preparing the reactor for Dragon*Con so check back regularly and see what I’m up to!

-Chad Ramey

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to expand interest in the nuclear hobby and share your own excellent achievements. Have fun!

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