Visit to Vogtle Nuclear Plant

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts yesterday, I have recently had the opportunity to tour both Vogtle and Belfonte nuclear plants. Due to security reasons pictures were a rarity but, fortunately enough, we were able to snap a few at plant Vogtle.

Steven, me, and Carl standing in front of one of the steam generator turbines.

A breif snap of the unit one control room. Notice the almost entire setup is analog.

Me, Steven, and Carl standing in front of the reactor vessel assembly station where the vessel is just starting to be welded together.

Standing inside of the massive generator room beside one of the two huge GE steam turbine generators.

Veiw of the specifications for the GE steam turbine generator.

Two large 1/2 million gallon per minute rated pumps in the foreground and the two reactor containment vessels off to the right.

Carl, me, Steven, and my dad standing in front of the construction sites for future units three and four.

Steven, me, my dad, and Carl standing between the steam generator building and the control facilities, infront of the unit one cooling tower.

-Chad Ramey


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