Operating once again!

Two weekends ago Carl Willis (a friend of mine who works as a nuclear physicist at a company that produces piezoelectric neutron sources) flew all the way from New Mexico out to Newnan to stay with me for the weekend. Our span of activities included working on my fusor, modifying my ludlum counter scaler, and touring two nuclear power plants (stay tuned for pictures from that).

Carl was also so kind as to bring along with him a BF3 neutron detection tube and an Edwards KF-50 diffusion pump. After a couple of nights of basic setup and leak checking we were easily able to obtain vacuum pressures suitable for fusion. So fuse we did!……..Until I ran out of deuterium so, for now you’ll have to live with a video about x-rays and some beautiful star pictures.

First off, check out these rays!

Here is a pretty good picture of the chamber. On the right side you can see the new diffusion pump attached to a brass valve that allows me to pretty well control chamber pressure:

Now for some star pictures!

A bit out of focus but, I like the colors.

Soon I’ll be constructing an electrolysis unit so I can begin fusing again, at which point you’ll definitely see more videos, pictures, and information from me.

I have also been working on an magnetron ion source, look out for more on that tomorrow!

-Chad Ramey


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