The epic battle is still raging!

I apologize for the severe lack of updates over the past few days; school has kept me very busy, and my diffusion pump is driving me crazy. In order for the correct operation of the reactor, it has to be pumped down to a very low pressure by way of a high vacuum pump. The trouble is, my high vacuum pump is not working properly. It heats up to the proper temperature and then ceases to operate at around 38 microns. I have elected to travel to Virginia this weekend to visit my friend and mentor Doug Coulter. Doug has offered to help out with the diff pump and hopefully work with me to get first neutrons!

Expect another update on Thursday; I bought a new toy off of ebay and it’s supposed to arrive then. Naturally, I’ll have to show it off on here. And of course, I will post pictures and results from this weekend on Sunday.



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