Quest for the last flange!

The timeline I posted two nights ago was quite ambitious, and I didn’t expect to achieve all of it by today. I’ve gotten a lot done on the deuterium system, and I’m pleased to say it’s about 90% completed. I apologize for the lack of pictures but trust me when I say, literally, everything is done except the addition of one last flange into the system!

The flange I waiting on will be the connection between my diffusion pump and the main chamber. I was fortunate to have my dad’s friend Paul Smith weld it for me. He is a tig welder and from what I’ve heard, I’ve got a nice custom flange on the way! The flange is set to arrive tomorrow (The machine shop took some extra time on it to make it super nice for me.) so I will be putting it on the system and posting my results.

Until tomorrow,


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