A brief update.

I’ve been in Valdosta for almost five weeks now, and the end of GHP is approaching. I have had such a great time down here, and learned so much. I am however,beginning to look forward to heading back home. I have had a lot of time to think while down here, and my thoughts have led me to several things I want to try on my reactor so I began to think up a timeline:

First Week of August- Vacuum System and Neutron Detection System will be complete and star mode tests will be done
Second Week of August- Deuterium System will be hooked up and operational
Second Weekend of August- First Fusion
Third Week of August- Begin ramping up the system for various thermionic emission experiments

This time frame will probably end up being nothing more than a rough guideline but you can expect to see posts on a daily or every other day basis starting the first week of August. I will also be posting a news interview I did yesterday hopefully in the next few days/week.

-Chad Ramey


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